About Us

One had the map, the route to a hidden treasure. The other had the lamp.

The story of us begins a long time ago, but that beginning is not important. Sometimes paths cross for no visible reason, and that reason remains hidden until it is ready to reveal itself in brightest colours one can imagine. The true beginning of Maara is not a point in time, it is made in different dimension, but it starts very simply – with a bottle of prosecco. The true beginning is the story of friendship, the story of clay and of one brilliant idea: let’s do something together; a little bit crazy, a little bit smart, but mostly moulded by friendship, designed by love and glazed both by our laughters and tears. So, you see, for each of us, it is not just handmade ceramics, this incredible connection to earth and soil; it is also soul searching, and many times lifesaving moments of moulding clay. Every piece made is touched by our hands, it is never perfect, but it carries a vibe even tougher than clay – it survives 1000°C oven and million dishwashing cycles. This vibe is called love – the toughest material known.

This is why the story of the beginning is not so important, but the story of where will it take us is far more interesting, far more mysterious and far more exciting. With or without the prosecco, the bubbles are always here.

Our making process

Every step of our making process is completely manual. From clay preparation to finished product we are doing everything by hand and therefore every piece we create in our studio is unique and one of a kind even when it is part of set or same collection. 

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