Unique & Handmade Tableware Created with Passion and Love

Maara Ceramica tableware is created with passion and love for hand craft and with intention to provide you joy and happiness in every day use, with every meal you share with your family and friends. 

Story of us

Unbreakable connection

One had the map, the route to a hidden treasure. The other had the lamp

The story of us begins a long time ago, but that beginning is not important. Sometimes paths cross for no visible reason, and that reason remains hidden until it is ready to reveal itself in brightest colours one can imagine.

Unique Tableware with a Heartbeat

Created for people 

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Handcrafted in every step of making

With great love and passion for handcraft, and intention to preserve the knowledge of pottery making, every step of our making process is manual. It truly is a pleasure in todays digital world to be a part of handmaking industry. 

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